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Latest Info

We are pleased to inform that YBGK lawyers training in 2015. For more information please contact Jeeva/Sumitra at 03-20780769 .

1. Johor 10 October 2015
Part One - YBGK Administration
Part Two - Arrest, Remand, Bail
and Mitigation

2. Selangor - 24 $ 25 October 2015
part Theree - Criminal Trial

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YBGK provides FREE legal aid and advice in criminal matters including Syariah criminal matters to all Malaysian citizens at the stage of arrest, remand, charge, bail application, mitigation, hearing and appeal.

The conditions which need to be met in order to qualify legal representation and advice in criminal matters are as follow−

  1. A Malaysian citizen
  2. For legal assistance at the hearing and appeal stage, the applicant must have an income that does not exceed RM36, 000 per annum subject to means test to determine who is eligible for legal representation.

The legal assistance provided by the NLAF will cover all types of criminal offences, with the exception of those which carry the death penalty.

Offences that carry the death penalty will not be covered by the NLAF as the court provides assigned counsel to persons charged.

  • Arrest
  • The police or other enforcement agencies will inform the arrested person of his/her right to be represented by a lawyer and will contact YBGK to represent the arrested person subject to section 28A of Criminal Procedure Code or the arrested person utilise his/her own lawyer.

  • Remand
  • YBGK will represent the arrested person during the remand application before the Magistrate.

  • Charged/Bail/Mitigation
  • YBGK will represent the accused during charged and when applying for bail/mitigation.

  • Hearing/Appeal
  • YBGK will represent the accused during hearing/appeal subject to means test. 

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